Monday, March 29, 2010

Niqabi Recessionista: Online Stores

Even though I am now a niqabi I still like to wear a variety of colors and styles. My personal fav is a full one layer tie niqab. However there are other types like a half niqab, long, three layer, four layer, one eye and even eating niqabs. Below are a few niqabs from some of my favorite online stores.

Shop the Souq
I just recently ordered this niqab and also a black niqab from this site. I liked the fact that they were light weight and would be perfect for summer. Available in other colors i.e. navy blue and brown.

Purple Niqab

I love this site because everything is custom made. You can pick from a variety of colors and even pick the length of the eye slit(by measuring from ear to ear).

Half Niqab

Align CenterFull Niqab

One Eye/Full Cover

This is the site I usually purchase my niqabs from . They are available in a variety of colors and they offer half niqabs and niqab/khimar sets as well.

Full Niqab

I love this site because because they have creative items like the eating niqab and great niqab/khimar sets with unique trimmings.

Eating Niqab

Brown and Orange Trim Niqab and Khimar Set

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Insha' Allah comment and let me know what you think of the niqabs

Happy Shopping!
Asalaamu alaikum


  1. I've never seen the one eye niqab or the eating niqab(which I think is quite clever) before. It would be nice to have a niqab or two with color. = ) Great website ladies, insha Allah keep up the good work!

  2. salam,
    as long as it doesn;t take away one of the purposes of wearing niqab (to avoid unnecessary attention), should be ok. Allah knows best. :) But i like the purple niqab. So sweet :)

  3. I love the ummniqab website, its amazing and creative, and most of the niqabs on that sight arent too flashy, but have modest colours, which i love.....thanks for this sight, Imma get niqabs from there inshaAllah

  4. Salaam sisters, Please visit my website for some elegant niqabs. Are all tie-back and custom made.

  5. I love the eating niqab! I'm going to order 1 for me and 1 for a friend!

  6. May allah reword the sister greatly who came up with the eating niqab. insha'allah


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