Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hijabi Recessionista Find of the Week: Maxi Skirt

Totally love this skirt, found it while shopping at Walmart. Saw it out the corner of my eye and thought I would check it out. Much to my surprise once I got close enough to see the price tag, $12!!! It's super cute and super affordable. On the website they have pics of it in teal but it also come ins bright pink and white. The pics don't do it justice!!! Absolutely perfect for a budget conscious Muslimah. I myself got it in the bright pink and white, insha' Allah you like it.

Shown as a skirt
***the skirt has a fold at the top so it you want it to be longer just wear it unfolded***

Shown as a dress
***if you wear it like above, you could add a long sleeve shirt and wide leg jeans***


Happy Shopping!!!
Asalaamu alaikum

Sunday, June 6, 2010

M2M Banner Contest

Masha' Allah we are making changes to our website and insha' Allah starting our clothing site soon. We are having a contest for a new banner that will be used at the top of our Websites as well as on our YouTube page. The winner will receive a M2M Gift Bag with M2M Gear, hijabs from our new store and your name listed on the banner for advertisement. Insha' Allah be creative and use what you know about us to create your banner. We will post the banners on Facebook and have the friends/fans vote and decide who the winner will be.


bright pink, white and black.



2 Perpectives...1 Ummah...


jpg, we can adjust sizes and feel free to include animation

Send your entries to by the end of November 2010 with the subject M2M Banner.

Happy Designing!!!
Asalaamu alaikum
Nadira & Najwa

Rock It or Stop It: One Eye Niqab

There are many Muslimahs who wear hijab and niqab. Niqabs come in a variety of designs such as: ones with strings in the middle, multiple layers and sheer covers over the eyes. What about a niqab that also covers one eye?

O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks(veils) all over their bodies(i.e. screen themselves completely except the eyes or one eye to see the way). That will better, that they should be known (as free respectable women) so as not to be annoyed. And Allah is the Ever Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Quran 33:59)

niqab found at Shadiyah's Boutique

So what you do think of the one eye niqab? Do you see any benefit in it? Have you worn one? Do you own any? Would you wear it? If yes, why? If no, why not?


Asalaamu alaikum
Nadira & Najwa

Ask M2M: One or Two Piece Hijab???

This week's question is from Yasirah.

Q: I have a question about Hijab! I find it easier to wear the one pieces instead of the actual scarves. I'm still learning how to actually wear the scarves but because I'm always in and out i feel its easier to just pull over the one piece hijab and wear it like that. I'm 20 years old and i usually see most Muslimahs with scarves and not the pull over type that's easy for me. My question is, is the pull over hijab too young? Is it mostly for younger Muslimahs? I don't wanna make it look like i don't wanna take out the time to put on a real scarf, but to me a pull over hijab is easier. Thanks for the help sisters

A: Shukran for the question Yasirah. As long as you are wearing hijab properly than that's all that matters. If you like the one pieces and they work for you then keep wearing them. We don't think that they are for a certain age group, as long as you are comfortable you can continue to wear your one piece hijabs in every single color you can get your hands on.

If you would like to switch it up, we do have a HIjab How To video that has a simple way to wear a scarf that you can do in less than a minute. Here is the link to the video and it's the green hijab style. Insha' Allah this has been helpful.

Insha' Allah if you have a question send it to with the subject Ask M2M

Asalaamu alaikum
Nadira & Najwa