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New Shahaadah Interview: Sister Nadirah

In Muslimah2Muslimah's experience of reverts to Islam, we think the transitions of one's thoughts, opinions, and behavior, in fact a whole transformation of one's perspective in life is very interesting.

The negative image presented about Islam since 9-11 here in the states has really given Islam a bad name due to the media as well as people's lack of understanding. The stereotypes about the treatment of women has been rampant in the media for many years with the Taliban and other "extremist" groups. We thought it would be interesting to interview Nadirah, who in the midst of all propaganda has warmly embraced Islam and get her Muslimah's Perspective on Islam...

Muslimah2Muslimah: What is your name?

Sister Nadirah

Muslimah2Muslimah: What made you become interested in Islam?

Sister Nadirah: I have been friends and helping out at a local Muslim store, I also cleaned the area masjid, I found such calmness and peace every time I was at either place and around the Muslims there. I started to read about Islam a lot and started talking to the Imam at the masjid and decided this is what i was missing in my life inner peace that only Allah could bring me MashaAllah!!!

Muslimah2Muslimah:What does your family think about your decision?

Sister Nadirah: Coming from a totally christian family, they were shocked, my brother was in the service and didn't take it well. They all say they are happy for me, but inside I feel they wonder what is she thinking. My family is polish and stubborn. I feel sometimes they are embarrassed by me, but I have a awesome 12 year old little girl who loves the fact I am happy and isn't ashamed to be seen in public with me, she gives me such strength!! She soon will be taking [her] Shahadda Insha Allah.

Muslimah2Muslimah:What types of reactions have you gotten from your friends or coworkers?

Sister Nadirah: Not as bad as I thought, my real friends still talk with me and those who don't well, I can't control their feelings. I make dua for them. I am trying to find like minded people to surround myself with to help me and keep me on the right path. That is what i consider real friendship and I know Allah will provide those people as he already has MashaAllah!

Muslimah2Muslimah: How has Islam changed your life?

Sister Nadirah: Well I have only been a sister for 3 months, but a lot of lifestyle changes are taking place, my whole life is different. I don't have to much to share yet, more to come as my life unfolds, I will just say, I am more at peace and feel so empowered in my hijab!!

Muslimah2Muslimah: What advice would you give to someone who is interested in Islam?

Sister Nadirah: Think real seriously about it, it is a total life change and commitment, but the glory and peace and rewards of knowing we can go to janna are indescribable, Allah is so merciful. I also will give them a little dua as well!!

Muslimah2Muslimah: Islamically, women are required to wear a hijab. Others say that you must also cover your face(niqab). What are your thoughts on this?

Sister Nadirah: I am so empowered in my hijab, I was a little scared about what others would say, but the moment I went out in it all the fear went away. It was as if I was born in it! So natural, I haven't taken it off since my Shahadda!!

Muslimah2Muslimah: How did you feel the first time you wore hijab?

Sister Nadirah: EMPOWERMENT!!!!

Muslimah2Muslimah: What is your opinion on the common labels associated with Muslims ("terrorists", "extremists" , etc.)?

Sister Nadirah: I feel they are just uninformed, the media labels to much, real people get it but I don't get into it because I know the real truth now!!

Muslimah2Muslimah: What is your view on the impression that many non-Muslims have that Islam oppresses the women and the women have no voice in their communities?

Sister Nadirah: They need to be educated, some of my friends felt that way until I explained it to them and now they see it. I also passed out some literature from our masjid to them if they wanted it.....

Muslimah2Muslimah: The media tends to give very negative views on women and many non-Muslims base their views solely on this. What was your view on Islam and the treatment of women before you converted to Islam?

Sister Nadirah: I thought the same as my friends I just went by what I saw on tv and in the news.

Muslimah2Muslmah: Have your views changed in any way?

Sister Nadirah: 100 % absolutely, I now know that what I thought was wrong and [Muslim] women are Highly respected!!

Muslimah2Muslimah: How have has Muslimah2Muslimah helped you along your journey to Islam?/ How have you benefited from Muslimah2Muslimah?

Sister Nadirah: I loved the videos, they are informative and to the point. The help with clothing for new Muslimah is awesome and I like that I belong to a group who I can respect, trust and follow Insha Allah!!

Insha'allah, everyone... please pray for our new sister Nadirah(and her little girl) and welcome her into Islam by leaving her your encouragement and wisdom, insha'allah! We are very pleased with her decision as we know she is as well. Nadirah, may Allah bless you and your family in all of your endeavors and may He grant you Jannatul Firdaus! Ameen!

Also check out the New Shahaadah Album on Facebook so you can reach out to Nadirah and other sisters.

Asalaamu alaikum

Nadira & Najwa


  1. Welcme to Islam sister. i to felt inner peace and my life began transforming when i took my shahadda two years ago, its a struggle but with Allah everything is possible.

  2. Linda Nadirah Ida SawickiNovember 15, 2010 at 7:26 PM

    Alot has changed in the last year, It has been a struggle in some areas of my life, but Allah will guide me, I truely believe that today. My family and friends have all come to respect my decision to become muslim, and that has truely made me feel just amazing inside, more to come as my journey unfolds.
    Sister Nadirah 1 year later


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