Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Okay, So He's An Attractive, Single Muslim Brother...

I wonder if he is single or is he married? Is he a match for me? Wouldn't we make such a dashing Muslim couple!?!?

This a dilemma many single Muslimahs have quite often. However, society tells us that the man should approach the woman, or in Islamic standards, the Wali. What about the Muslimahs who spot a brother she is interested in? Do they just sit back and pray that he makes the move?

During the days of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), women approached men quite often for marriage. As a matter of fact, it is noted that when he was 25 years old, Muhammad (SAW)received a marriage proposal from a wealthy Meccan woman, Khadījah bint al-Khuwaylid, whose affairs he was conducting.

But nowadays it seems rather taboo for a sister to approach a brother regarding marriage. So, what is a sister to do???

What are YOUR opinions on this? Would you approach a brother you were interested in? If so, how would you go about doing it? Would you send your wali after him?

Asalaamu alaikum
Najwa & Nadira

Quote of the Day!!

"Always keep in mind, sisters, that ultimately ALLAH (swt) is the only judge... Strive to do the best you can for HIM and HIM alone. Keep your head up when people try to criticize but always keep an open mind to the things that people say. It might help you to improve yourself..."

- Muslimah2Muslimah

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"The Early Morning After..."

Okay, so this one is for all of us married girls out there... You and your hubby had *fun* last night and now it is time for Fajr prayer... So, you get up, take a shower, make wudu and make salat. Cool... all is well right? You have done your duties for your husband and your Lord... now you can go on about your day. Well, not so fast there, sister! Did you take a shower or did you make a ghusl? A ghusl is the purification that is obligatory after intercourse.

How Ghusl Is Performed:

According to the practice of the Prophet, upon whom be peace, the correct manner of performing ghusl is:

1. wash both hands three times,
2. wash the private parts,
3. make a complete wudu (ablution) like the one made for prayer.
4. rub water through one's hair three times, letting the water reach down to the roots of the hair, (yes, girls...this means ruining that perfect hairdo!)
5. pour water over the entire body, begining with the right side, then the left, washing under the armpits, inside the ears, inside the navel, inside the toes and whatever part of the body can be easily rubbed. This account is based on the following report from 'Aishah:

"When the Prophet, upon whom be peace, took his bath after
sexual intercourse, he would begin by washing his hands. Then he would
pour water from his right hand to his left and wash his sexual organs,
make the ablution for prayer, take some water and put his fingers to the
roots of his hair to the extent that he sees that the skin is wet, then
pour water over his head three times and then over the rest of his
body." -Related by al-Bukhari and Muslim.

Ghusl For Women:

A woman performs ghusl just as a man does, except that if she has plaited hair she does not have to undo it, provided that the water can reach the roots of her hair. Umm Salamah said,

"O Messenger of Allah, I am a woman who has closely plaited hair on my head. Do
I have to undo them for ghusl after sexual intercourse?" He said, "No, it is
enough for you to throw three handfuls of water on your head and then pour water
over yourself. After doing this, you shall be cleansed." Related by Ahmad,
Muslim and at-Tirmidhi

So, considering the fact that we all have to wash our hair COMPLETELY with water on "the early morning after", what should we, as Muslimahs do with our hair? Should we blow hundreds of dollars on our hair like many of us may have done during our single days just to ruin it the same night? Do we always have a low-maintenance (and less sexy) ponytail? Do we shave our heads? Anyhow, that is OUR rant for the day... What is YOUR ghusl rant?
Najwa & Nadira

Sunday, October 11, 2009