Monday, February 21, 2011

The Mind of Man... Why You Should Wear Hijab...

We recieved an email from a reader who had the following to say about women who do not observe hijab:

If you are not covering:

a- I cannot differanciate between you and that non muslimah.

b- When I court you and find out later that you are a muslimah, I will not continue
with you because you're hipocrate.

c- You are causing passers by to trip and fall down as a result of looking at you. Just imagine how many accidents are happening because of you! Allah must you! judge you.

d- That man is going to divorce his wife just because he has seen your beauty. Allah must judge you.

e- That man is late to go to work just because he was watching your beauty. Allah must judge you.

f- That sick man is masturbating in front of you,just because he has seen your beauty. Allah must judge you.

g- That man has lost his abolution a result of your exposure in public. Allah must judge

So, ladies, what do you think about this? Do you think this is true or false? Do you think that these are valid points the brother has pointed out or not? Let us know by leaving your comments below...