Who Is M2M?

Nadira Abdul Quddus

As salaamu alaikum! I am Nadira, one half of M2M. I am a convert to Islam, I took my shahaadah in 2002.  I am graduate from Georgia State University, where I majored in Speech Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Spanish. I decided to start M2M  in order to have something that covered more than just fashion for Muslimahs. There are many different things that interest us and insha'Allah M2M represents that. 

Najwa Niang

Asalaamu alaikum. I am Najwa Abdul-Haqq, the second half of M2M. I was born into the religion of Al-Islam and raised by two convert parents. I am a wife and new mother of a beautiful little girl. I decided to start Muslimah 2 Muslimah when I realized the struggle of  Muslimahs in America and abroad.