Saturday, February 28, 2009

Salaams, darling! Meet your new co-wife!?!?!

Last night my hubby's friend came over for dinner and after the usual conversation and after-dinner tea, the friend wanted for hubby to go to a wedding to be a witness. I thought;

"A wedding??? At 11pm on a Tuesday???"

So hubby leaves the house with said friend and gets me thinking. What the heck is this man doing getting married at this ungodly hour on a whim? Now mind you, said groom-to-be already has two other wives. One over seas and the other here in the states, who lives with him. Okay, so my next question was;

"Are wife #1 and wife #2 aware of their beloved husband's decision to marry #3?"

Now my thing is this: Okay, we all know that a man can have up to four wives... however, this got me to thinking that some men really abuse this right. They fail to maintain some of these women in the right ways and they are always talking about looking for another wife. I may be wrong but I don't think that is right. How is a married man "looking" for another wife??? I thought that polygamy was a situation in which a man marries due to a circumstance in which there is a sister who may be widowed of divorced and has no money or place to go with her and her children. Or perhaps a woman who is interested in a married man and vice versa and the man decides to marry the woman because of his interest.

However, I doubt that a man who is constantly on the prowl for another woman is allowed in Islam. And another thing, some men even go so far as to hang out with and go on dates with different women with the excuse that they are allowed to have another wife, so why not get to know as many women as possible to look for the perfect #2, #3 or #4? To me, this behavior is absurd and trifling. I think that any man who has respect for his wife, children or himself would not carry on like some single non-Muslim teenager.

If my husband ever decided to go and get a second wife (which is highly doubtful), I would at least expect him to come to me and let me know about his decision... It's only right in my eyes... Anyhow, that's enough of MY ranting... What do YOU guys think?



***For the record we at Muslimah2Muslimah, belive that polygyny is sunnah and is a beautiful part of Islam, we are in no way saying that it shouldn't be praticed. The point here is that it would be nice to included in the process***

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hijabi Recessionista: Find of the Week

Here is our FIND OF THE WEEK!

Keeping in mind that soon the weather will be warming up, we've chosen a light khimar that will be perfect for the spring & summer weather and perfect for your pockets! This is one of the fashion scarves that a lot of women are wearing around their necks. This scarf is perfect for a lightweight khimar. Pair it with an under scarf and it's perfect. Our selection is from Walmart but we have seen them everywhere from T.J. Maxx to Marshall's at very affordable prices, ranging from $5-$12. Also, these scarves are available in a variety of colors and patterns so get creative with them!

The one pictured above is available at for just $5.00!

Happy Shopping,

Nadira & Najwa