Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Halal Scanner

Halal Scanner is an innovative one of a kind iPhone app that scans ingredient labels on food products and automatically determines the halal statuses of food additives contained within the product.

Simply point your iPhone 3GS camera at the ingredients label of a food product and Halal Scanner will capture and check the food additive numbers it finds in our halal database to determine whether or not the additives are halal.

Halal Scanner also allows you to search through our halal database when you need to look up additives in a hurry or if you are using an iPod Touch, iPhone 2G or 3G, or an iPad.


■Scan ingredient labels and automatically determine halal statues of food additives.
■Search through food additives using the keypad.
■Browse through our entire database of food additives and their halal statuses.
■Customise the start page of the app for easy access to your favourite feature.
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We think that this is an extremely cool item for all of the tech-savvy Muslimahs out there! It makes grocery shopping so much easier for a Muslimah on the go! So... is this something YOU would want to have? Do you think this is a good thing, or is it unnecessary??? Let us know what you think.


  1. Thats amazing! I wonder what people watching wouldl think.. LOL Hahaha WHO CARES I want one asap.

  2. SubhanAllah it will be cool if it's relaible and fast!

    But who exactly is telling what is halal and haram to imput it in? Are they triple checking this?

    INsha'Allah a good app though

  3. This seems so cool, mashaAllah!!

  4. Salam,

    Thanks for writing about us. We have cross checked several sources for our halal database. We've taken the most conservative approach to marking any ingredient halal in our database. Also, we're in the process of having our database certified by an independent halal authority very shortly.


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  6. Assalamu Alaikum,

    I love the idea of putting this technology to work helping us keep our homes halal. in sha Allah one day I will be able to take advantage of this service.


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