Sunday, June 20, 2010

Muslimah Hair Care

" I think I'm gonna do my hair tonight"

" Do your hair?"

" Yeah, I'll probably wash it and do something different to it tonight"

" Wait, why are you doing your hair when nobody sees it?" or now that I'm married "why are you doing your hair when nobody sees it but your husband?"

side note- last time I checked my husband would be the most important person who gets to see my hair!

This is a conversation that I've had many times with co-workers, classmates, etc. This got me thinking about the fact that I've never seen info about hair care for Muslimahs. There is plenty on hijabs but nothing on what's underneath them.

This post is also inspired by this weeks Ask M2M question about hair care. Particularly if you have a kinky/curly hair texture and how to maintain your hair with having to make wudu and ghusl all the time. So here is a quick product review/products I use for my hair to help keep it healthy.

Most of these products are for natural hair but can used on relaxed hair as well. Click the images for the links to their websites.

rating system

* - You Can Do Better
** - Pretty Good
*** - Almost There

**** - You Gotta Have It

Kinky Curly Custard and Knot Today Conditioner ***

This used to be my favorite hair product. This product made my hair very manageable and would last for about a week at a time. I think it works best for air drying and twist sets. I would twist my hair down to my head, let and dry and then untwist it. It made very nice waves that would last for about a week as well. The only downside is it takes a while for the product to dry and you have to make sure to use the right amount. You don't want to over do it or you will end up with flaky hair.

Aussie Shampoo & Conditioner(Moisturize) and 3 Minute Miracle ****

I happen to love this line. It's not expensive at all and easy to find. You can get it everywhere from Walmart to your local grocery store. I like the 3 min miracle conditioner, I do that with a shower cap and it leaves my hair super soft. I also use the shampoo and conditioner because they give my hair the moisture it needs.

Curly Custard **

I have used the curly custard from this line. I love the way it smells. This product for me was not my favorite. It could be because of my hair texture it didn't give me the results I like. With that said I have seen many hair tutorials on YouTube where it works for some and looks fabulous, just not my favorite. If your interested in this product they have samples for sale on the website so you try it and see what products work best for your texture.

Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner ***

I use this product as a leave in conditioner and it works great. It gives my hair a very soft texture and a nice curl pattern. I like this product because it doesn't take a lot and it last for a while. This can be found at your local drugstore or any beauty supply store. It used to come in a small tub but I've only seen it in the squeeze container recently.

Hair Rules ****

This is my new favorite product. I love how it makes my hair feel and the results that it gives. It doesn't take a long time to dry but it still holds my curls under my hijab. The website often has sales i.e. two for one and you can buy smaller containers to try them to see if you like the product.

Shea Butter ****

Nothing is better than shea butter. It's a perfect moisturizer and you can use it for any type of styling. You can find shea butter everywhere and it is a def must have for every Muslimah!!! You can also use shea butter on your body as a wonderful moisturizer.

As usual comment and let us know what you think. Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? What are some of your favorite hair care products?

Happy & Healthy Hair Care!!!
Asalaamu alaikum

Ask M2M: Hair Care

This week's Ask M2M question is from Yasirah.

Q: I'm an African American Muslimah and i am always at odds wit my hair when it comes to making ghusl and wudu on a regular basis .. i was wondering what would be the best hair style for me to keep my hair healthy as it endures the constant wetness?

A: Shukran for you question Yasirah. Unfortunately hair is not something that we talk about often but it is definitely an important topic worth covering. If you have curly, kinky or wavy hair texture it seems that a natural hair style(meaning no chemicals/straightening) may be the best and most practical way to go. We say this because between wudu and ghusl your hair is going to splashed or maybe even drenched in water everyday.

Natural styles are easy to manage and you don't waste a lot of time on straightening your hair just to have it snap right back after it gets wet. You will also see the health of your improve as well as the length, insha' Allah. Some natural options are:

dread locks


braids(with your hair only, no extensions)

wash and go

and many other styles

Insha' Allah if you have a question send it to with the subject Ask M2M

Insha' Allah this has been helpful,

Asalaamu alaikum
Nadira & Najwa