Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Poem of the Week: His Command

His Command

What is it you think you see when you look at me?
No rights, no freedoms, oppressed and scared?
Why? Because I cover my hair?
What will it take to make you understand?
This path I walk is God's plan!
Just as in the Bible, He commands
For you to cover yourself, except your face and hands!

So please, do not pity me
I cover myself because HE commands
as I humble myself to HIS holy plan!
With my scarf and modest dress
I command of men my full respect!
They do not look at me as an object or prize to obtain
But value me for my intellect and self-respecting ways!

So the tear you see roll down my cheek
is a tear for you and not for me!
For the one who is truly oppressed
are the slaves to fashion, beauty and dress!
As the men of the "modern world" undress you
to sell their shoes and cars
You starve, your purge, you implant and you tuck
to still never feel pretty enough!

So with my head held high, and my veil pulled tight
I walk with pride tonight
With hope that someday you'll see
Just how LIBERATING it is
to be covered like me!

-Heather Noor Brooks


  1. Beautiful poem. I wish more people understood that hijab is about empowering women, not subjugation.

  2. Alhamdulillah... thats a clever poem.

    Assalamu'Alaykum sister,

    please send me the bible reference (chapter:verse) of your "Just as in the Bible, He commands
    For you to cover yourself, except your face and hands!"

    my email:
    jazakallah khairan

  3. ASalamu aliakuam,
    Ma'shaAllah this was really nice. Jazaki Allah for sharing =)


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