Tuesday, October 5, 2010

5 Muslimah Bag/Purse Must Haves

Here are 5 things that every Muslimah should have in her bag/purse/backpack at all times

1. Istinja Bottle(small water bottle)
starting at .99 cents at Target.
Making wudu on the go will be much easier with this in your bag.

2. Compass(to help you know what direction to face for salah), you can use an actual compass or there are plenty of free apps available for iPhones and from Android.

. Travel Prayer Rug
similar versions available at many online stores such as Al Hanah for $10.99.

4. Safety Pins and/or Straight Pins
they don't have to be this fancy, just simple straight pins or safety pins available from WalMart or Jo-Ann Fabrics will help you if you or a friend find yourself in need of one.

5. Pocket Quran
paperback versions are available for $8 at Islamic Place

Comment and let us know what you think!!!

What are some of your Muslimahs must haves? What do you never leave home without?

Asalaamu alaikum
Nadira & Najwa


  1. I have 3 out of these most needed items, i even have the purple changel style bag to go along with everything. I always end up making my prayers when I get home.

  2. IK don't carry a "pocket" Qur'an, too small forf me to read, I have a transliterated Qur'an that is bigger because it has Arabic, Engoish translation and the transliteration. I carry moist wipes....never know when you may need them. I don't have a "pocket" prayer rug...yet but I have a thin rug that I can put in a backpack or larger tote. I don't always carry pins but I may toss a coin tube with pns in it once in a while. I do have a qibla compass though but it sometimes likes to mix itself up LOL!

  3. Salaam

    If I'm going to be out for a while, I usually bring an extra scarf and bonnet cap, just in case. It's not necessary if I'm just running to the convenience store or going to a friend's place, but for work, all-day trips, etc., having an extra one is helpful. Al-Amiras are great for this, as they take up less space than a shayla or shawl style. Niqabi sisters may want to bring along an extra niqab as well, and/or an eating Niqab.

    Also, bring an Al-Amira along if you might end up doing something that could cause other styles to get caught on something or get in the way. At amusement parks, work, etc., having one can come in handy.

    Not really Muslim-specific, but portable hand sanitizer (alcohol-free is available) is great.

    Put a timer on your watch, phone, etc. to remind you of prayer times. It's easy to get caught up in something and lose track of time. There are a ton of cell phone and iPod apps for this.

    Find an app for your phone that lists different restaurants and which of their menu choices are Halal.

    There are also Qur'an apps available for download, complete with translation, and, in some cases, audio recordings to listen to on the bus, etc. Same goes for Hadith. Just be sure to double-check that it comes from a reliable source.


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