Friday, November 6, 2009

Sexiness For Muslimahs Too???

A German lingerie store called "Liaison Dangereuse (Dangerous Liaison) has a controversial commercial out with a woman getting dressed in some provocative (but cute!) lingerie... It has Arabian influences in the music and undertones...

Check it out and let us know what you think about it. Do you find it offensive?

Asalaamu alaikum
Nadira & Najwa

Najwa & Nadira


  1. I think it is quite offensive.

    First of all it is off putting to see this naked woman prancing around.
    Then at the end it says: "Sexiness for Everyone. Everywhere" over a woman with a veil?? As if to say that we don't dress like this or weren't sexy before - but now we can be just because they brught this line out!? Ghee now we can be free ladies!

    I find it cheap and tacky and an idea from one of the big wig males up in the office throwing an idea down to get 5 mins of fame or a pat on the back

  2. why would i find it offensive?
    Not all Arabs are muslim.
    Some are Christian, jews, atheist,etc.

  3. Its kinda clever. I don't think its trying to say anything, its just a lingerie commerical.

  4. I think it depends on how you choose to interpret it.

    Some people might be predisposed to interpret it as the covered woman having some sort of private rebellion against her "oppressive" clothing using this lingerie. I don't think that's the point of the commercial, but if someone thinks that way already, that's what they're going to see.

    A positive way to interpret it, from a Muslimah perspective- The typical "western woman" and the Arab/Muslim woman both care about being sexy and beautiful. The only difference is that the non-Muslim woman shows her beauty and sexuality to the world, and the Muslim woman prefers to reserve hers for her home and family. A message that wanting to feel beautiful is a universal concept, even if women look different on the surface.

    Not that I really condone lingerie commercials, as it's not so appropriate to have almost naked women on tv in the middle of the day. But nevertheless.

  5. ek! I dont really know what to think!?!
    Im quite shocked..
    yes muslim women wear lingerie but why make a scene of it!?!
    its seems like there making a statmentO_O
    that shes rebelling against the burqa or something,
    she looks like shes off to take on the world ,
    Im puzzled .. :-S

  6. not shocking or offensive at all. i know many muslimahs who wear sexy lingerie under their abayas. i think the video if anything would give non-muslims a little understanding that women are pretty much the same and even muslim women like to wear sexy things under our modest clothing.

  7. hah! i wonder whether the saudi woman wears that under their abayas..erm..i dont think so i mean not to that extend..cant imagine when it is windy and oopps!

  8. Femme your last paragraph was right on and I also agree with Ange. I did not find the ad offensive at all, maybe it could have been a little less provocative in how the images were done but I thought it was nice to kinda of show that women like to feel sexy even though Muslim women don't flaunt it!!! Great post!!

  9. Naked woman...Not so appropriate. But at least it shed some light on the fact that muslim women do like to indulge in lingerie. People are so shocked when they see a hijabi/Niqabi in Vicky Secrets or something. We can be sexy, we just don't show it to the world, is all.

  10. hmm... its kind of bad.. coz we r supposed to put clothes under the 3abaaya!!.. and if some guys see it maybe they will think women go round with just an 3abaaya on... sooo i dont think its such a good idea. however, i like the fact that they show that even muslim women like to feel beautiful and that all women r the same but we like to only reveal that kind of our beauty to our husband. im not sure if i like it or not.. theres good and theres bad lol.. salam

  11. To depict that model is a muslim woman (because she wears the abaya at the end) doing a naked commercial, yes it is offensive.

    But of course she's not. I mean, even if she were, does not matter here. I don't find the ad offensive because it just shows how sexy these women are underneath their abayas and that's not a bad thing. Of course we don't like to talk about it and we don't like people to know it that's why we're covered but I think the ad is alright.

  12. IT IS STUPID, DISGUSTING AND, YES, OFFENSIVE! How can they show a woman completely naked walking around (therefore promoting pornography) and then putting on a burkah, for the contrast...?! First you see a completely naked woman, then you will see a completely covered one... Ok, I can understand the point of showing that both covered and naked woman are beautiful and sexy, but why would we want to announce to the world that we are sexy and hot under our abayas and chadors, if the whole point of hijab is modesty, not only not showing but also not talking about and not advertise our beauty and sexiness...?
    Another thing, it makes a Muslim woman in burkah looking same epty-minded and vain as a non-Muslim woman who makes a display of her beauty and a showcase of herself, it is showing/depicting a Muslim woman as a body rather than a soul at first place and therefore, ascribing a Muslim woman same characteristics of a sexual commodity as non-Muslim women who walk around naked... Therefore, it is offensive.

  13. Why? Because people will not look at us as at humans any more. They will look at us as at women, measuring our value with our sexuality! Because it suggests that a woman wearing burkah or face-veil, is just as sexy as a completely naked one...!!!! So, if they see a Muslim woman in niqab on the street, they will try even harder to imagine what beauties she hides under her clothing, just because she is all covered up...! And they will feel more attracted. They will want to stripp her of her veil and her clothing, so it puts the burkah/niqab in a totally new position, suggesting that the women wearing burkah are not necessarily pious and innocent, pure and therefore protected Muslim women, but bitches who attract men's attention with their eyes sticking out of the burkah, and that is why I find the advert very offensive.
    Moreover, if it is indeed a public advertisement, then how can it be displayed like that, so that even small children can see it - be it in TV or wherever else...?! It is all about nudity; why are they allowing the kids to see it...?! It should be censored...!!! Why shall a 7 years old kid watching his favourite cartoon see a completely naked woman and a sexy slogan in a stupid and dumb advertisement in between on the TV...?!!!! They are idiots, spoiling their own society, indulging themselves in more and even mor indecency...!;(- Hate it!
    A.B., UK

  14. I agree with Ange...It shows a different side of us muslimahs.And YES WE ARE SEXY under our modest dress...The difference between us and them,we choose to keep ours for our husbands...Bisou

  15. I think the video may be deemed to some as offensive because as muslimahs, we save our bodies for our husbands.

  16. I think you have too remember its and know what i like it because for once a muslim woman is not shown as a frump, ok its not great on the islamic side of things no but it kinda shows the a more powerful side to wearing the hijab like "yeah im sexy....but no its not for you"!!!! well thats just my 5 pence worth!!

  17. It's not offensive. Provocative yes but offensive no. We all know what Quran says in regards to woman's modesty. We all at one point in time have prance in front of our mirrors at home while getting ready for our prospective days. If you owned that product line would you use the same marketing concept in the commercial or how would you use an entirely different marketing concept to reach your target audience?

  18. I can see how it can be both negative and positive. I have to say though, that is some sexy lingerie !

  19. I think it's offensive...I mean linking a naked woman to a veiled woman...yes, not all veiled women are muslims, but still the veile is known to be linked to muslimahs...i still find it shocking

  20. Not offensive at all... I mean, most of, especially married, have a lil' something something in our trousseau to pull out for special occasions, or just because we love to look fabulous! It's an advertisement, meant to sell products. So, what can we say?

  21. i think that this video is wrong cause first of all a muslim woman would not be naked for a commerical and i woman can be sexy but dont use a muslim woman in the video. cuz then that gives off a bad name for us. other people will see that and really think that was a muslim woman. i dont like this video.

  22. well in the beggining of the vid you'd understand why they chose arabic music , it always has and had a mysterious sexy feel to it. Im arab , its not offensive to me.. i mean '' sexyness for everyone', yeah , why not ? I don,t see anything and people get offended for nothing really.

  23. I think that this is offensive because the woman is naked in the beginning then she has on an abaya at the end. If the company wanted to reach out to Muslimahs this in my opinion was not the best way. This is disrespectful to Muslims. I don't need to see any lingerie on a model to think that it is sexy.

  24. Personally I find the ad to be offensive, and kills the meaning of wearing a burkha/hijab- to hide ones modesty. It can bring up sexual assumptions in men so they start wondering whats underneath- WHICH BEATS THE POINT and is highly offensive. In my eyes this only draws to my attention that the day of judgement is most definately near.

  25. Here's how I look at it:

    Sexy, meaning beautiful, every person has the right to feel beautiful about themselves. Be it by wearing stylish lingerie, socks or even an apron.

    Psychologically speaking, women have these special feelings about their bodies. For example, a guy will wear his underwear as just another something he has to do. A woman on the other hand, feels special about her bra/panties. So, in that context, wearing stylish lingerie DOES have the potential of making you feel beautiful. This is especially true of married women, who would wear something like this to please their husband.

    Regarding the commercial, it is immodest and shows a woman's body in a way that is not suitable for viewing, by men OR women. Other than that, the message's pretty clear.

    All good is from Allah and only the shortcomings are my own and for them I seek forgiveness from Allah. For verily, he is just, most merciful and knows best.


  26. As salamu aleykum wa rahmatulLahi wa barakatuh.
    Personally as a Muslim, I don't find it offensive because it is a niqab involved because i think that under our hijab/niqab we are supposed to be sexy for our husband (insha'Allah I will!!!!)
    However, as a woman I do because once again it is nakedness on tv. But hey it will always be nakedness on tv anyway. So instead to find things offensive etc, knowing this, offended ones should stop watch tv. This is my vew. As salamu aleykum ;)

  27. This advertisement is going to give Muslim women wrong ideas.

    The purpose of an abaya is to act as an 'overcoat' by covering up normal clothes beneath it.

    So basically, Muslim women are supposed to wear normal modest clothes and cover them up with an abaya.

    But wearing abaya over lingerie only is like a European lady who wears an overcoat and is naked beneath it. It's not how it should be worn and therefore sends the wrong message to Muslim women.

    Having said that, who's to say Muslim women aren't already doing this? It becomes so obvious at times that some Muslim women in their 20s and 30s are deliberately wearing little-to-nothing below their abayas.

    I remember an Arab friend of mine from I think it was either Jordan or Lebanon telling me that she and her friends usually wear green skintight spandex catsuits underneath their abayas. Full-body catsuits, tight from the wrist to ankle.
    When they enter their private homes they remove their abayss and walk around their homes while only dressed in catsuits.

    As far as Im concerned, as long as they cover their catsuits when leaving home then it's okay. We're not expecting them to flash their catsuits to young boys in the streets are we, otherwise that'll be naughty lol.


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