Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Handheld Bidets, Instinja and the Like...

First things first... Muslimah2Muslimah had a question from a sister who is a new revert to Islam and she was wondering how to make istinja' and what to use for it... Some people use water bottles, some use a watering can, others just have a cup near their toilets. In the states, bidets are not a common thing that you see in people's homes or even out in public areas. However, there are handheld bidets that are available at Home Depot or even Walmart for a very low price. This is my personal favorite way to make istinja'. You do not have to constantly fill a container up with water every time you need to use the restroom and you can also control the water pressure. So awesome!

Now, down to the more basic stuff: What Is Istinja'???

Istinja' is performed using pure and purifying water or a solid, dry material, like a stone or paper. It is obligatory to make istinja' from every wet material emitted from the eliminatory outlets, such as urine or feces. It can be done by using water, rocks, paper and the like.

When performing istinja' by water, cleaning oneself from feces one pours the water on the outlet and rubs with one’s left hand until the najas-filth is removed. This makes the place tahir (pure).

When performing istinja' using rocks and the like (paper), if one makes instinja' using a solid, dry material, such as a rock (or paper), one wipes the outlet three times. If the three wipes are not enough to clean the area, one wipes more until the place becomes clean. One may use three wads of tissue or the like. Without using water, it is not enough to wipe less than thrice, even if the place becomes clean.

Also, it is recommended to enter the bathroom with the left foot, and to leave it with the right foot; contrary to the way you enter your home or the masjid. It is recommended (sunnah) to enter your home or the masjid with the right foot first, and to leave with the left foot.

It is recommended (sunnah) upon entering the bathroom to say:

"Bismillah. Allahumma inni a'udhu bika minal-khubuthi wal-khaba’ith."

Which means: “[I enter the bathroom] with the Name of Allah. O Allah, I
seek refuge with you from the male and female devils.” This provides protection from the eyes of the jinn.

After leaving the bathroom, it is also recommended to say:

"Ghufranak. Al-hamdu lillahi-lladhi adh-haba annil-adha wa afani."

Which means: “I ask You (Allah) for forgiveness. Praise and thanks be to the One (Allah) Who took the harm away from me and granted me good health.”

So... what do YOU use for Istinja??? Do you live in a country where bidets are common? Do you just use a water bottle? Do you use the most common one that I have seen in Muslim homes... the watering can? This is very random, I know... but interesting nonetheless! LOL.

As-Salaamu Alaikum!

Najwa & Nadira


  1. Interesting... I'm sure this post was very helpful for new reverts :)
    Bidets are very common in Finland, it's weird not to have one.

  2. Salaam, Sisters. Great post, mashallah!;-) It says the same things I have been taught after I became a Muslim and it's exactly the same sharia ruling on instinja', so I was happy to see that information, since I know some groups or some people have different understanding or different approach to sharia' and Islam in general. It is always good to see that someone else know the same that we know and approves of what we ourselves do.;-) It makes me happy to read about people who think like me and who understand the things as I do. ;-) Keep up the good work, Sisters. Baraka Allaahu fikum. ;-)
    Aisha Baranowska, UK;-)
    Yes, we have hand bidets in the UK, but very few times I saw a traditional bidet (once I lived in a house with such). We use a watering can, lol. ;-)

  3. A'salaamu alaikum. I was recently in UAE and love, love, LOVED the hand-held faucets. Awesome, clean, and as you said, you don't have to fill it up and sanitize it with bleach so mold doesn't grow on the bottom. ;-)

    Now onto what I use here in the US. I don't like the watering cans; it seems really hit or miss plus the water just dribbles over your skin. One day I was at Big Lot's (a discount store) and I saw one of those pump-action plant/pesticide/fertilizer sprayers. It holds about a gallon of liquid. Eureka!

    Long story short, I bought that for $8. You fill it up, pump the handle and then spray your little heart away! Feels much cleaner than the watering can, less messy, and doesn't require filling as often.

    Ma salaama...

  4. Well, nice post, sister. The handheld bidets are common here. It's everywhere in Malaysia. If there's a toilet without bidets or pipes, well then THAT is abnormal. :)

    Also sister, I think u forgot to mention that the things that we use for istinjak must not be respectable items. Err...what I mean is that take paper as an example. Cannot be paper from ur school notes. U know. Stuff like that. My english is bad. Hope you could understand what i'm trying to write here. :) Salam'alaikum.

  5. Assalamu alaikum sisters.

    I live in the states.. and when i first converted i just used a cup or water bottle. When i married at first we both used a cup .. hubby was saying how he installed a sprayer (used for dishes at the sink) in his old bathroom (when he had roomates) like the portable sprayer you have shown above.. anyways with a little saving we bought a (almost $300) bidet that attaches behind the toilet seat lid.. and it is so much better.. only thing is we only get cold water in the winter it is a little uncomfortable to use. Even though it makes our bottoms a little cold at least we know we our REALLY clean. Love your blog!! Salam alaikum

  6. Good ole water can for me. Since I live in the UK most houses don't have one, but I think I just might get one of those bidets....

    :) <3

  7. SALAAM.....H R U SISTERS.....actually i have a question that when u do istinja n the water rebounces back on your thighs is that pure? n i am afraid that i might miss some urine drops while istinja whatr should i do? i am so worried.....JAZAKALLAH

  8. I haven't gotten around to thinking about this, but I'd heard about it. I really do need to go get myself a pshhhh water bottle and eventually a handheld one. I wanted to get one of these when my husband got here and again, I never got around to it! I will need to do that!

  9. The best way to get rid of soap scum and all kinds of dirt. etc is with the portable hand bidet bathroom sprayer from Besides that it offers truly superior hygiene and cuts back on the use and expense of toilet paper. See the site for the health benefits.

  10. Assalaamu Alaikum I would like more information on this I am considering converting and have been reading my Quran and learning more and more each day. Do all women have to do this or can you just perform wudu or a full ablution? I am still learning so if I am not spelling these right Allah please forgive me.

  11. i wanted to know if you can use baby wipes. baby wipes are wet and they do a pretty good job at cleaning. i always used baby wipes to clean myself before i turned muslim so can i still use them.


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