Friday, June 26, 2009

Nadira's Hijabi Find!! - Summer Perfection

Alhumdulilah, I think I've found the perfect summer over garment. I purchased this over garment at Islam Orient. I'm so hype I just got it in the mail today! It comes in a variety of sizes and lengths for the petite to the tall(like Muslimah2Muslimah). It's made of light weight linen and it has pockets!! Their prices start at £19.99 which is about $33.

I got the basic brown Islamic Style Abaya with brown trim. This way I can wear it with any color(s) I want. I paired it with a mustard scarf, bracelets, clutch and nude ballet flats. Insha' Allah you like it because I love it!!!

Click on Islam Orient to visit their site. They also have bags and shoes!

Happy Shopping!!


  1. I love you guys and your website! Mashallah, the overgarment is cute can't wait to order one!

  2. As salaamu alaikum ladies, I've ordered a garment from Islam orient , I love there things . This garment you posted here is so cute , love the mustard khimar with it , nice!.
    As salaamu alaikum ( smile)

  3. That looks very nice masha'allah.

  4. Two thumbs Up!Only few can get away with it though. This stylish modesty accentuates your natural exquisite facial pulchritude. Praise be to Allah for constructing such a majestic piece of art.

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  6. Masha'Allah...your muslimah fashion sense rocks!!! You look beautiful uhkti!!! =0) Safiya aka Izache

  7. That is a fantastic abaya! I love it!


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