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Muslimah2Muslimah: New Shahaadah Interview : Crystal!!!

In Muslimah2Muslimah's experience of reverts to Islam, we think the transitions of one's thoughts, opinions, and behavior, in fact a whole transformation of one's perspective in life is very interesting. Crystal is one of our tweeters(is that what you call them) on Twitter and our friends on our Facebook recently became a Muslimah. She is an amazing new sister, alhumdulilah.

The negative image presented about Islam since 9-11 here in the states has really given Islam a bad name due to the media as well as people's lack of understanding. The stereotypes about the treatment of women has been rampant in the media for many years with the Taliban and other "extremist" groups. We thought it would be interesting to interview Crystal, who in the midst of all propaganda has warmly embraced Islam and get her Muslimah's Perspective on Islam.

Muslimah2Muslimah: What is your name?

Crystal: Crystal D. Murphy

Muslimah2Muslimah: What made you become interested in Islam?

Crystal: I started studying Islam some years ago. I was introduced on a whim by a guy I was seeing who to my surprise told me he was a Muslim. I immediately said "oh so you don't eat pork and you think all white people are the devil"? He then told me the difference between Islam and the Nation of Islam. I did some research and was close to reverting but my family was really upset so I backed away and from Islam and moved forward in Christianity.

Muslimah2Muslimah: What does your family think about your decision?

Crystal: At this point only my mother and brother know and they both think I'm crazy. My mother thinks I'm searching for something. She's not happy about my decision but she's dealing with it.

Muslimah2Muslimah:What types of reactions have you gotten from your friends or coworkers?

Crystal: The friends that know so far have had very positive reactions. My co-workers are not aware at this time but I'm sure they will have a lot of questions because they all know I was a devout Christian.

Muslimah2Muslimah: How has Islam changed your life?

Crystal: I have a very strong peace. I'm learning to not be so judgmental a person has to answer to Allah it's not for me to judge.

Muslimah2Muslimah: What advice would you give to someone who is interested in Islam?

Crystal: Islam is a wonderful religion. Do your research Muslims are very excited and willing to help you.

Muslimah2Muslimah: Islamically, women are required to wear a hijab. Others say that you must also cover your face(niqab). What are your thoughts on this?

Crystal: I believe it's a process and it's wear your heart is in the matter. InshAllah I'll be strong enough to completely make the change but at this point I'm praying for the courage because it is a very big change for me. I do believe hijab is the right thing because it is required.

Muslimah2Muslimah: How did you feel the first time you wore hijab?

Crystal: You know I bought some hijab scarfs for a trip I was taking to Africa. I was not a Muslim at the time but the first time I saw myself in it I knew something was right about it.

Muslimah2Muslimah: What is your opinion on the common labels associated with Muslims ("terrorists", "extremists" , etc.)?

Crystal: I think those labels are ridiculous. I think people look at what a few people did and want to label and whole group from what a few did. People have been killing people in the name of God for centuries and those people include Christians and Catholics so I don't think it's right to persecute a whole religion on the acts of a few.

Muslimah2Muslimah: What is your view on the impression that many non-Muslims have that Islam oppresses the women and the women have no voice in their communities?

Crystal: As an outsider looking in I honestly have to say I shared this view. That's why it's always good to go to the source. I was very surprised when we went over women's rights in my new Muslimah class.

Muslimah2Muslimah: The media tends to give very negative views on women and many non-Muslims base their views solely on this. What was your view on Islam and the treatment of women before you converted to Islam?

Crystal: Before I converted I believed Islam oppressed women as well. It seemed as if the men did what they wanted and the women just stayed at home and took care of the children. However now attending the Masjid regularly and meeting these women, seeing sisters like Ms. Latifah and Muslimah2Muslimah doing their thing has shown me another side to the life of a Muslimah.

Muslimah2Muslimah: Has your view changed in any way?

Crystal: Absolutely, I no longer see women as being oppressed or Islam as a religion of extremist. I truly understand now the religion of peace that the Muslims have been saying this is.

Muslimah2Muslimah: How have has Muslimah2Muslimah helped you along your journey to Islam?/ How have you benifited from Muslimah2Muslimah?

Crystal: Being a new revert I really enjoyed the piece on Hijab. It is a little rough at first for new converts to begin to change out their clothing. I just converted, I live in Ohio and it's summer. Long sleeve shirts are not readily available. But AlHamdAllah it's working out! I also enjoy seeing young proud Muslim sisters. It helps me to be stronger.

~Insha'allah, everyone... please pray for Sister Crystal and welcome her
into Islam by leaving her your encouragement and wisdom, insha'allah! We are very pleased with her decision as we know she is as well. Crystal, may Allah bless you in all of your endeavors and may He grant you Jannatul Firdaus! Ameen!

Asalaamu alaikum
Najwa & Nadira


  1. masha'allah!
    May Allah swt reward you and make things easier!

    Thank you sisters for posting this conversion story and welcome to Islam Sister Crystal!

    May Allah swt guide us all :D

  2. Alhamdullilah ! Allahu Akbar! Welcome to the best deen dear Sister :), May Allah make it easy for you, Ameen!

  3. Alhamdulillah sis welcome 2 islam !

  4. As salaamu alaikum ladies, Good post , welcome to Islam sister crystal, I pray that Allah (swt) continues to protect , guide and reward you in all that you do . Ameen. Sister, if there is anything I can do to help you , any questions , etc. please, feel free to email me at any time Insha Allah. As salaamu alaikum ( followed with a warm hug and a smile)

  5. May Allah give you the strength to make it through the difficult times.

    One thing many people tend not tell reverts is the difficult times that will occur in their life when they make a commitment towards Islam. It may be at the onset of conversion or a few years later but indeed difficult times will come and test your Iman. Unfortunately some people never recover for this and leave Islam all together or barely cling to Islam.

    May Allah guide you and strengthen your Iman through the difficult times.

  6. May ALLAH bless and give Paradisa you are strong

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  8. Alhamdulillah! Oh no, you too, my mom feels the same way about me! I'm having a rough time right now, Alhamdulillah, but may Allah continue to guide, protect, and bless you always..welcome to Islam sis! Allahu AKbar!!!

  9. As salmau'Alaikum!
    Masha'Allah im very happy for ya.
    What city in Ohio. Im also in Ohio.


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