Monday, March 2, 2009

Muslimah Perspective: There aren't any good men out there!!


  1. great video and you brought a good advice: open up the horizons
    Now I have a crucial question:)
    growing up,usually people have boyfriends before getting married. I grew up in Senegal as well as East Africa. Now I recently learned that Islam strictly prohibits dating. What is your take on it? :)

  2. Well Amina, my husband is from Senegal as well and I know alot about the culture. And yes, you are correct. Islam strictly forbids dating in the one on one sense. However, it is allowed if you have a chaperone, like a parent with you if you do want to go out and get to know someone before you are married. A man and a woman are forbidden to be alone together if they are eligible for marriage, meaning anyone who you could marry if no incest would be involved...

  3. In the wise words of Ms.Hill

    "Don't forget about the deen, the sirat al-musatqueem"

  4. I have broadened my horizan and found out they all have something in common.. SHALLOW!


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