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Monday, March 2, 2009

Hijabi Recessionista: FIND OF THE WEEK: The Muslimah Nail Polish!!!

Who doesn't love a good mani-pedi? But whats the point when you know that you're not supposed to wear polish. We love the look of manicured nails and have also found it hard to let those acrylics and polish go but alhumdulilah we have found an alternative! We've all seen henna on nails which has the classic red-orange color which you may not want to wear all the time. You might what to keep up with the trends and maybe try a black, green or just a simple pink. No matter what color you want, you can find it in a nail stain on this site: www.Henna

The nail stains are $14.95, which may seem a little pricey but it will last a lot longer than your average polish. So your nails can look right and your wudu is still valid. Think about it: a mani-pedi can cost at least $50.00 per month! You can be creative and mix colors and patterns or keep it simple. If you want the shine like a polish lightly buff your nails & you get the same appearance. Keep in mind that it is a stain, so you will have what ever color you choose for a while. This is the best invention since the shirt-dress!!! Well anyhow, we are definitely excited!

Happy Shopping!!!
Asalaamu alaikum
Nadira & Najwa

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  1. wow that's awesome! I have to say I've never heard of that, but it sounds great. It is a little on the expensive side, but i guess it's worth it

  2. thats soooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    now i wish they made a french nail henna look!

  3. Have you guys tried this? I sooo want it! I wanna get the melon color!!

  4. Wowzers! Thanks for the info!!! I may have to cross post this at my blog Beautiful Ummah!

  5. thank you for the information!!!!

  6. Interesting content.

    Just wanted to share some information that may help busy professionals caught up with work and who have less time to maintain their nails. You can try out gel nails which are now becoming a hot favorite as they are natural looking even without nail tips and the best way for nail enhancement. Also, if you are allergic to those strong smelling chemicals which you can experience with acrylic nails, then you should use gel nails as these are odorless.

    However, when you are planning on gel nail application, make sure you approach a nail salon or a nail artist who is well versed with gel nails and is properly trained and mastered in gel applications. This will save you from problems that can arise with improper gel nail applications.

  7. Wow, I had no idea there was such a product, I just may have to buy and try, shukran for the info!

  8. Gel-Nails,

    As Mulsim women, it is not so much the fact that we do not have the time to maintain our nails so much as it is that some of us believe that doing your nails with polish is unclean. Before we pray we must wash the hands thoroughly (as well as other parts of our bodies) and we feel as though the fingers are not able to get thoroughly clean because the polish lays a barrier over the nail, leaving it impermeable to water. Gel nails and acrylic make it even more difficult so your suggestion is not an option for those of us choosing an alternative to nail-polish.

  9. Wow - this is so great! I'll definitely have to try this. It's such a great, Islamic alternative to nail polish. I like to wear it but I never can because of wudu, or you have to wear it for one occasion and then take it off quickly to pray.

  10. IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS FOR THE LONGEST TIME!!!!!!! Also...would water based nail polish be halal to use and permeable? I dont know. Say, its not solvent based and has no chemicals at all? I'm talking about Honeybees nail polish :).

  11. Assalamu Alaikum sisters, this is awsome, I will check into it!!!!
    Sister Nadirah

  12. Does it actually look goo? Because nails stained with ordinary henna doesn't D: I hope it does

  13. Is this worth is ive been looking for an alternative for so long i know black henna on nails (best idea) but i dont want to wear black all the time. Does the nail stain actully work? Has anyone tried it yet?



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