Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hijabi Recessionista Find of the Week: Moroccan Caftan

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Sometimes it can be hard to find colorful abayas and overgarments, so when I found this caftan I knew I had to get it. My caftan arrived a few days after I ordered it from eShakti so the delivery was pretty fast. There's nothing worst than ordering something and having to wait forever to get it. It arrived in in a plastic bag looking like this.

Inside there was also a little black pouch with measuring tape. Insha' Allah I will order from them again and can use it to customize my order.

Here is what it looked like on.

It was $59 plus shipping and handling. I know this caftan is a bit pricey for the items we usually pick by I totally love it! A little bit about the caftan: The colors weren't exactly what I expected. I thought it was going to be more greenish and black than blue and royal blue. I still like it, it just wasn't the colors I expected based on the picture, even though it clearly says turquoise and royal blue on the website(doh!). It has pockets which are always useful and side slits at the bottom, so it will need to be worn with something underneath. I should also mention it comes in two other colors: yellow and a lime greenish color.

What do you ladies think? As usual share your comments and opinions.

Asalaamu alaikum


  1. it looks a bit like some jalabiyya a friend got for me in saudia :-P i like it!

  2. That is a very bonnie kaftan. I really enjoy how the collar somewhat resembles a kimono. It adds a nice contrast to the lighter color. So do the darker blue sleeve cuffs. It's lovely!

  3. I just clicked the link in the email and it only led to an error message. I would so love to have that caftan in green. the pic looks like the sleeves are 3/4 so I would assume you have a long sleeve shirt on under it or wearing arm covers. pockets rule!!

  4. Sorry about that guys the link is working now, happy shopping!!!

  5. This is absolutely beautiful..It probably looks very nice with your skin color...I am currently in the process of conversion..I'm reading the history of Islam by using youtube, boarder's books and reading different website on Islam and the peacefulness of Allah...I wanted to get one of these for my conversion...Is that appropriate or do I wear something else? I'm new at this and want to respect yet praise Allah at the same time...I'm glad that I found this web site...I look to you to for advice as I begin the journey of praising Allah for his blessings and touching my heart..

  6. I simply LOVE moroccan caftans ( I'm a proud owner :P) U can get some nice pieces via facebook profiles!

  7. wow ! that caftan is beautiful <3

  8. I went on the site to check out a few items and noticed a link that says overstock sale. I clicked on it and there was your item for $38.95. Yes is on sale. Love it!


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