Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where Are All the Happy Muslimahs???

Have you ever looked on the internet for articles on Muslim women and everything that you saw was negative?

  • Honor killings
  • Oppression of women
  • Beheadings of women
  • Hijab is oppressive
  • Muslimahs are docile
  • Women have no voice in Islam
  • Looking beyond the veil
Why is it that society only sees negativity when it comes to Muslimahs? Why are we not seen as contributors to society? Why are there so few Muslim women who speak out about REAL issues in Islam? Why is it that there is a negative connotation anytime you mention a Muslim woman???


  1. As Salaamu Alaikum,
    It is because the media has an agenda, and it can only be forwarded if they prove to the world that Muslims are evil. Thus they will cover anything that gives Islam bad publicity. How else will Israel expand if Americans think that Muslims are good people?

  2. The media sickens me. Here in Quebec, there has been a huge thing about "reasonable accomodation" and even if the article is about Jews, it will show a picture of a Muslim woman in headscarf. Sometimes the article is not something bad, not really something good. Not really interesting either, and they manage to make an article about it.

    They often pretend to be showing the good side of Islam, but at the end of any article, a person reading it does not understand Islam any more than they did.

  3. When I first became Muslim I felt the weight of negativity all around. Perhaps it was outside forces to disuade me from being Muslim. Alhamduillah, the light of Islam shines through regardless of what others may try to say about it.

  4. Oh, yes, just a side note:ive noticed the audio is not very clear on your videos. Is there some way to clean up the static?

  5. I agree with you sis,Its like everything dealing with sisters is soo negative and somewhat depressing. I think the world thinks we are miserable. Thats why although I try to be humble and observe hijab when Im out and about I still try to look out going friendly and approachable. :)

  6. There's just not enough balance in what we do. We can do better We are mothers, some of us also work. Islam asks us to do all of these noble things, and not believe that finances should be a reason not to have a baby.

    So consequently, we have more children than the average evangelist Christian woman...

    Hopefully, we can start focusing more and more on these issues. Love you guys lots!

  7. Happy Muslimah here! and yes, i do get fed up with the negativity all around, but, got to not let it get to you so you can do the good dawa and overcome it with the help of Allah.


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