Friday, March 27, 2009

Hijabi Recessionista: FIND OF THE WEEK- Fabulous Overgarments & Hijabs

Apologies for the delays with our FIND OF WEEK ladies, we have posted 2 finds for this week!!!!

he overgarments on this site are absolutely beautiful! The have plenty of different abayas and jilbabs as well as other accessories. The overgarments come in various different sizes and lengths. You can even tailor order a overgarment for an extra £5.00(roughly $7.00). The overgarment prices start at around £25.00($30.00) and go up from there. They have overgarments that can be pricey but every hijabi recessionista knows how to take advantage of a good sale, so be sure to check out their reduced prices.

Their overgarments can be found at:

We found these pashminas from Hijabs Online in all colors ranging from $6.00 and up. They also have amiras, oblongs and kuwaiti and square style scarves. They also offer free shipping with every order!

Their scarves can be found at:

Happy Shopping!!!

Nadira & Najwa

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  1. OMG! I'm about to buy HO out. I kid you not.

    Ok, maybe not buy them out but who can pass up free shipping?!


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