Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ask M2M: Hair Care

This week's Ask M2M question is from Yasirah.

Q: I'm an African American Muslimah and i am always at odds wit my hair when it comes to making ghusl and wudu on a regular basis .. i was wondering what would be the best hair style for me to keep my hair healthy as it endures the constant wetness?

A: Shukran for you question Yasirah. Unfortunately hair is not something that we talk about often but it is definitely an important topic worth covering. If you have curly, kinky or wavy hair texture it seems that a natural hair style(meaning no chemicals/straightening) may be the best and most practical way to go. We say this because between wudu and ghusl your hair is going to splashed or maybe even drenched in water everyday.

Natural styles are easy to manage and you don't waste a lot of time on straightening your hair just to have it snap right back after it gets wet. You will also see the health of your improve as well as the length, insha' Allah. Some natural options are:

dread locks


braids(with your hair only, no extensions)

wash and go

and many other styles

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Insha' Allah this has been helpful,

Asalaamu alaikum
Nadira & Najwa


  1. Oh all those hair styles are really pretty. And your hair would still look good after you take your scarf off! Now that would be nice haha!

  2. Assalamu Alakium sisters:
    I had this problem too when I converted to Islam. I asked Allah for guidance and I ended up cutting my perm out. Now I wear my hair either with cornrows or I have some one come to my house and do two strand twists. It so much easier to do ghusl and wudu because I am not worrying about my hair losing its style. Its wonderful and I have fallen back in love with my natural hair!

  3. MashaAllah, I use to have locks and it was hard for me to do ghusl, but now for the last three years, I no longer have that problem. I no longer have locks, now I wear my hair natural and get it braid ( no extension) SubhanaAllah. And being marry, I don't have any problems making Janeba or Ghusl. ( You know how we marry Muslimat do) always have to perform Janeba or Ghusl. Alhamdullilaah, my sister in law always hook me up with nice braids ( West African/Fulani Styles). I am so happy that I took the locks out, I feel so beautiful and comfortable with my braids. Now my hair is getting longer and stronger. Allah (SWT) truly made this Deen so easy for us. Allahu Akbar

  4. YEAH i had some worries about dreadlocks so many blogs about how they can be dirty and its not Islamic to have them..but i love mine and its so easy especially for ghusl and i love natural hair!!!


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