Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ask M2M: Modest Exercise Clothes

This week's Ask M2M/Suggestion is from Leanne.
Q: Salaam girls!!!! Hope you are both doing well (and surviving this horrible Southern heat!) . For the last year or so I have been preparing for the Peachtree Rd Race this coming Sunday(my first timing running it and I am scared out of my mind 6 miles is a long way!). I am by no means I skinny athletic person but it was a personal challenge I wanted to do. This weekend I spent hours upon hours searching for an outfit that would not only be modest but somewhat cute (I feel self esteem plays an important role in our lives if we look sloppy then our attitude will be sloppy ;-). I finally decided on a flared yoga pant with a tennis skort over it with a turquoise top. I was just wondering if ya'll could do something on athletic wear for outside the home or even working out in general (be it at home, the gym, etc.). When I first converted I never imagined I could go running outside b/c I had nothing to wear that was appropriate (gym clothes are def not modest! LOL) Anyways, I just wanted to give ya'll the suggestion.

A: Alhamdulilah!!! We are doing are best to stay cool in this heat. = ) We are so happy that you asked/suggested this. One, because it's important that we know that just because were Muslimahs doesn't mean that our lives stop. If you are a new shahaadah it's important to know that observing hijab doesn't limit your life. If anything it enables you to be dressed appropriately so that your comfortable to swim, run and be active. Two, because it's important that we stay fit and healthy. A good website to check out is FitMuslimah. There are lots of articles, recipes and events on this website to help support and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Your outfit sounds super cute and modest. Here are a few items that can work for every Muslimah depending upon what you would be most comfortable in. The race is today and insha' Allah you do well and stay cool in the summer heat (it's supposed to be 88 degrees today).

***Click the images for more info***

Sporty Abaya
Pants w/ detachable Skirt

Sporty Dress Top
Long Sleeve Hoodie

Queedom Hijabs

Comment and let us know what you think about these pieces. What do you wear to work in out? Would you wear any of these? Where do you buy your work out gear from?

Be Healthy and Fit!!!
Asalaamu alaikum
Najwa & Nadira


  1. we the exception of the first wear, the others are nice for a all women gym and then we have to be mindful of the all women gym for some of those females are looking and seeking other females. I suggest that more muslimahs stay out of there gyms and form our own or do the move the butt in the home. We just feel the need to go out and be among them, let it be for the sake of getting out of the house, away from the children or just me time. We need to look closer as to where and why we go and is it necessary! Is there other ways to accomplish what we want, "FitMuslimahs"

  2. Cute stuff. The sweatshirt abaya looks super comfy and I bet even non Muslim women would like the pants with the skirt over it.

  3. Subhanallah, I was just searching for modest active wear today. I agree, it can be difficult to find clothing that is modest but not too warm, but you offered some great suggestions. Jazakallah khair!

  4. I love that abaya, and I'm not even an abaya wearing girl. I wouldn't wear it to work out, though, unless my workout consisted of a brisk walk in the park. For anything else I really don't see an abaya being practical.

    When I do work out, which is rare, it's just some dance aerobics in my own home in my short shorts and a t-shirt. I love to dance and doing the aerobics dance dvds as exercise gets it out of my system a bit.

    I've looked at Muslimah sport suits on Primo Moda's website before. If I'm in public, though, I usually just throw on some cotton long pants (like the soffe shorts, only full length...they're much more baggy than yoga pants) and a long sleeved tee. I'm petite enough that normal t-shirts cover my bum.

  5. Assalaama aleikum :-). I also saw the workout clothes on Primo Moda's website which seem the best fitting what hijab should be. I have also seen these on other websites but cannot find them right now, mashallh.

  6. I love the things that you picked, but I clicked the pictures and it did not redirect me to the product site. Is there any way you could give the brands or websites of these clothes?


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