Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Sister

This serves as a reminder to all our fellow Muslimahs, weigh you words carefully before you speak. Remember that we are all sisters and should treat each other with kindness and respect. At the end of the day we should love each other for the sake of Allah(swt).

Isn't the woman there my sister?
in Islam, I mean to say
For I just took my shahaadah
at the Masjid here today

Isn't the woman there my sister?
I openly ask without any qualms
The one who just walked past me
Without offering me her salaams

Isn't the woman there my sister?
Though she stands alone to pray
Each time I move to touch her shoulder
She takes a step and pulls away

Isn't the woman there my sister?
the lady that is not of my race,
for both of us are Muslim women
with varied hues making up our face

Isn't the woman there my sister?
Who laughed and made fun of me
And those other sisters of mine who listened
Doesn't their silence make them also guilty

Isn't the woman there my sister?
Who didn't call me when I was sick
For she seems to only show concern
for those special sisters, in her own click

Isn't the woman there my sister?
Who I invited for iftar in my home
But unfortunately she did not make it
How I wish she had bothered to phone

Isn't the woman there my sister?
Don't we both love our religion - this Deen?
Then why am I sharing my lament
About her being uncaring, indifferent and mean?

Isn't the woman there my sister?
Won't she open up and try to treasure
The love I want and need to share with her
As we both seek Allah's Merciful Pleasure


poem was found by Iman Aisha Morrison

Insha' Allah comment and share your thoughts!!!

Asalaamu Alaikum
Nadira & Najwa


  1. So very true, its because of these types of negative experiences since I became Muslim that I dont even like most of the sisters in my community.

  2. SubhanAllah, this poem says it all. We have to make Du'aa for all of us that Allah(SWT) have mercy on us and guide us to the right path and make us have the highest level of Imaan (Ihsaan) Ameen. Sisters don't give up, we have to remember that our love for one another is for the bettering of us and most importantly it is one of the ways to get to Al Jannah. May Allah(SWT) grant us Al Jannah. Ameen. Here is one of my favorite Hadiith about the Sweetness of Al Imaan. "Taste the sweetness of iman whoever Allah be pleased with the Lord, faith, Islam and Muhammad Prophets." (Muslim, 34-56.)

    There is no doubt that worship belongs to "taste", because to be a delight, if not taste. Said the Prophet, sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam: "taste the sweetness of iman whoever Allah be pleased with the Lord, faith, Islam and Muhammad Prophets." (Muslim, 34-56.), And: "For when the three find a taste of the sweetness of iman, that Allah and His Prophet are the charms of what is by them, to love a person only for Allah, and hates to be refunded betrayal, after it was Allah rescued from him, as he hates to be thrown into the fire "(Bukhari, 16; Muslim 43). InshaAllah Kariim, May Allah (SWT) make us have strong Imaan and love for all people of this Ummah, no matter what. Anything Correct in this posting is from Allah (azza wal jalla) and anything wrong in this posting is from me and Shaytaan. May Allah(SWT) forgive me. Ameen

  3. Slm alkm wr wb sis,
    jazakAllahu kheyran for this great poem, may Allah swt rewards you and this person who wrote it , ameen.
    Love you all for the sake of Allah.

  4. As Salaamu alaikum to all my ukhti's commenting on this poem. Now that poem says it all. I just though it was me feeling like this too. Jazakallah khair ukhti for the poem.

  5. mashallah great reminder for all us muslim sisters. The ummah really needs to b purified of evil of backbiting, unloyalty and distrust of one another. Over here in UK, u get many 'muslim' girls going against eachother over the stupidest things i.e. boys, possessions, she-said-what about another gurl. its ridiculous. Its like as if we're enemies rather than sisters of one another. Also a muslim sister seems to only befriend one that is of the same culture/race as she is. its as if weve been dumbed down.

  6. marshallah perfect reminder, I face this struggle almost everytime I got to my local masjid here in the UK.

  7. Mashallah, this is a good poem. How it reminds us of how we should strive to show love for one another.

  8. a beautiful poem,and so true!Jazakallahu Khair!we as muslims are like one body,as our Prophet(saw) told us,and yet we do each other to all my muslim sisters

  9. Salam subhanAllah....very beautiful poem.. really interesting...make me more caring about my Muslim sisters...May Allah bless and guide us to the right path..Ameen.

  10. This made me cry :( I will always support & love my sisters in Islam.


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