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Ask M2M: Wait to Wear Hijab???

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Our first Ask M2M question is from Kamilah, she asks:

Q: I'm 16 and was planning on waiting till marriage to wear a hijab, is that wrong?

A: Alhamdulilah we are happy to hear that you plan on wearing hijab. With that said you want to start observing hijab right away. You should start wearing hijab when you reach puberty. Abu Dawood narrates that `Aishah (raa) said: "Asmaa' the daughter of Abu Bakr (raa) came to see the Messenger of Allah (saw) wearing a thin dress; so Allah's Messenger (saw) turned away from her and said: O Asmaa', once a woman reaches the age of menstruation, no part of her body should be seen but this and that" and he pointed to his face and hands.

We have to be mindful that everything we do in this life should be fisibilillah(for the sake of Allah). Insha' Allah start wearing hijab now because it's what we are commanded to do by Allah(swt) as Muslimahs. You don't want to wait and do it because your married/for your husband.

Hijab is a source of protection for Muslimahs and it's something that once you start wearing it you will never want to go back. A good rule of thumb is to dress how you do for salah(prayer) all the time. If you cover for salah/to go to the masjid then this is how we should dress at all times.

May Allah make wearing hijab easy for you and all muslimahs - ameen

As usual any comments and words of advice/encouragement are welcome!!!

Asalaamu alaikum
Nadira & Najwa


  1. Salam aleikoum Kamila!

    I think your question is very common, a lot of girls are thinking of wearing the hijab only after their marriage.
    In my opinion, if you do so, that will mean you do that for your husband, and not for the Creator.
    I don't know if you come from a muslim family or not, but if you do then things will be easier! I wear my hijab for almost 1 year, I was 16 like you. I decided to wear it after my final exams of high school, because I'm living in France and wearing it at school is forbidden. I went to many mosques, I read a lot of books, and the conclusion was that this hijab was better for me in university than anything else. The only one who supported me was a muslim sister, she accompanied me in the tough times, so I advice you to find a great sister, or parent, or anyone who could be a support. And of course, pray Allah, because only He can give you the strength. I couldn't have done it if I hadn't prayed, if I hadn't read the Koran and if I hadn't such a beautiful community.
    What you must be convinced of is that wearing the hijab will bring you much more radiant moments than what you may think. I'm so so so happy to have done it, even though I first thought it would ruin my life!
    May Allah always guide you and our community, and may He send peace and light on us. May He make it easy for you my dear sister ♥

  2. I believe that you should wear it now. You will free better when you have it on and also when you do find a husband inshallah and you meet him without hijib what makes you think that he wants you to wear it at all.You should do your best to please Allah this world is nothing be worried about getting into Jannah.

  3. subhanallah. im so glad i asked this question. i dont come from a muslim family (only my father) so i was scared to ask other muslimahs for fear of being judged or looked down at..thanks M2M for providing the opportunity for some positive reinforcement by some beautiful muslimahs..and inshallah soon my hijab will be in full effect!

  4. I was in the same situation! My father is muslim, my mother is a reverted (but she doesn't wear hijab) so half of my family is non-muslim, and the other half doesn't live there.
    That was hard, I won't say the contrary, and my parents were so against it! But elhemdoulillah today they're all happy I'm wearing it, and I've learnt how to forget and forgive those who don't accept my choice.
    You really should turn yourself to Allah, in the hardest time He's The Only One who can give you the strength and the patience.

    I was also afraid to be looked down at by muslimahs (if I don't wear it, some will speak bad and if I do, some will also do) but I can without any doubt say today that these muslimahs I was fearing are actually the ones I feel best with today! I've also learnt what the word Umma meant.
    Again, may Allah help you~

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  7. As Salaam Alaikum Sister Kamilah. I pray that this post meets you in the highest state of Imaan. Here is an Saliih Aahadith about the Fard(obligatory) of Hijab (The Khimar).

    "When a young girl begins to menstruate, it is not correct that anything should be seen of her except her face and hands up to the wrist.” (Hadith Reported by Abu Dawud)

    “Oh Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (Jalabeeb) all over their bodies." [Al-Ahzab:59]

    I understand what you are saying,I was born in a Muslim family and I am thirty years ago, I did not start wearing the Hijab (Khimar) til 6 years ago and Alhamdullilah that Allah(SWT) reward me with a second chance to change before the Day of Judgement. We don't know when Allah(SWT) is going to take us back, (Die). So, my advice to you is not to wait til you get marry to wear the Hijab, do it now before it is too late. You don't know when Allah (SWT) will take your life. Inna illahi wa inna lilaihi ra'jun. (To Allah(SWT) be belong and to Him we most return).

    The hijab is a Fard not Sunnah. All Muslimin(Muslim men) and Muslimat (Muslim women) must have wear hijab. The true meaning of Hijab in Arabic is not just the head covering it means literally means curtain or cover or bearer. The Hijab is a bearer, a curtain or cover that protects Muslimin and Muslimat from Fitna. As Muslimat, we are require to wear our Hijabs and jalalbiib when we are not around our Maharim. May Allah(SWT) make it easy for you and choose the Hijab. It is a reward from Allah(azza wal jalla) to the Ummah. It is a protection from Shaytaan and Fitna. Anything right in this posting is from Allah and anything wrong in this posting is from me and Shaytaan. Forgive me for my sins. Ameen

  8. is there any proof I can get for when i should start wearing hijab from the quran or a hadeeth?


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