Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rock It or Stop It: The Burkini

Okay, ladies... It's getting hot and the beach / pool weather is officially here. Some of us may be taking holiday or vacation somewhere where there is a beach, so what is a Muslimah to do? Some women choose the burkini... You'll either love it or hate it, so tell us what YOU think....


For more info be sure to check out this article in Marie Claire


  1. I say rock it! It's a little weird looking, and some are definitely downright ugly, but a Muslim's gotta do what a Muslim's gotta do, and hijab shouldn't prevent us from something as enjoyable as swimming! The only downside is that they're very expensive, and if one can't afford it they're stuck swimming in their clothes. :(

  2. I say rock it and I do! Mine's the kind that's got the little dress over it from hasema.

  3. I dunno sometimes they are so tight they are more revealing than a baggy tshirt and long shorts. But the one in the picture is cute. I would NOT use the hood though, it looks silly haha! Id rather wrap a scarf on my head spanish style.

  4. asalamu Alaikum, I would like to say rock it but its too light for my liking. Maybe keep the pants and the cap but replace the top part with a long loose shirt. :)

  5. I say rock it. I know that personally, I'll feel uncomfortable standing out at the beach in a bathing suit that is so obviously unlike any of the others...but my only other option would be to not go to the beach/swimming at all, because most places do not allow you to swim in clothing.

    I think the caps are a little funny and think scarves would look better. I swim for leisure, not for exercise so I don't need to be aerodynamic or anything, lol.

    The one I'm thinking of buying is the one here from Primo Moda: .

  6. I would say rock it because I dont have much other choices, since I'm in America and the only all-female beach I know of it a resort for lesbians :S

    But of course, tankini's are cute IF we had an all female beach..-.-

  7. I rock it at the 24 hr gym, i just dont wear the tight cap I use an Al Amira instead. Nobody says anything and just go about their business.

  8. I want one of these burkinis or as I've seen elsewhere "veilkinis" so dang bad!! I was looking at then even before I converted to islam because they offer great spf qualities. I just have one little problem.....I'm unemployed and I can't afford one! :-(

  9. I really like mine. The cap is a little interesting looking, but the suit is well worth the money. It will last a long time, so it's not as if you'd buy a new one every couple of years. Rock it!
    That being said, I wish that a) they could come up with a suit that would allow for the skin to pick up some of the sun rays so that I can get the vitamin D I need (did you know most people are severely deficient and the best way is to get sun), or b) have some all women pools, beaches here in the States so that I can go without being covered. I really dislike the hijab tan I get and I really do think we as humans are supposed to be exposed to the sun sometimes and I know that since I've become muslim, I have never really been able to do that.


  10. I say Stop it. The burkini doesn't even look modest, in my opinion. I mean, you can totally see her legs. Part of covering up is to not show the shape of the body, and you can definitely see the shape of her legs.

    Not only her legs, but ther back neck is noticeable too. These are things that should not be apparent.

    Just my two cents.


  11. I did buy one of these swim suits because I don't think that we sisters should be limited. I only wore mine once because when it is completely wet it is really clingy. I have not figured out a way for it not to do that other than to hold it away from my body or walk around with a towel or robe on which helps. I say rock it. Let's get together and have a sisters swim party I say(smile).

  12. Masha Allah Nawal suggested wearing it at the gym--now I can digg that---Like an all womens gym yeah that could work--I might bite on this one for real, Thanx Nawal


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