Sunday, December 13, 2009

Muslimah Must Have!!! Winter 2009

Left- Matalan Womenswear Papaya Structured Collar Coat Center - Marks & Spencer Autumn Purple Hooded Felt Cape Coat With Belt Right - John Lewis - JL Purple Belted Coat

Every Muslimah needs to have a fabulous jacket in her wardrobe. Jackets are great because it doesn't matter if your wear over garments, jeans, niqab, etc., a jacket goes with anything.

Jackets are also a great way to add color to any ensemble. They are an automatic upgrade for a simple outfit. If your going to get a jacket, classic black is option but why not go with a nice purple like the winter coats above?

Since the above jackets can be a little pricey, here is a more economical version for the hijabi recessionista

Let us know what you think ladies

Happy Shopping!!!

Asalaamu alaikum
Nadira & Najwa


  1. SOrry Muslimah,but not feelin the winter gear, relatively ugly. Im surprised. You guys always were and present the most stylish, classy attractive Muslimah mah gear. Perhaps classy but thats about it. And barely. Slippin...losin your touch.I just foolin but not

    Warm regards
    Your boy Khareem

  2. I have to disgree with Khareem. I like the bold color a def must have


  3. My dear sister Fatimah, I love that name, fatimah, if I had a daughter I possibly would name her fatimah. But theres nothing necessarily wrong with the colors. But the style particularly the jackets. But if I was compelled to order something, say for a sister in this ugly package, I guess the best would be the fit all the way to the right Right - John Lewis - JL Purple Belted Coat. Thats not bad simple. But I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so is stylishness(if thats a

    Best Regards

  4. Masha Allah, I like them all! Love the site by the way ladies, keep up te good work! When are you going to have some new videos?

  5. Love the purple jackets I think they would look great with gray and like a mustard color

    Great style!!


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