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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hijabi Recessionista Find of the Week: Beautiful Abayas

This is my favorite one!!!

I would wear this one with a grey scarf and an under scarf that matches one of the colors embroidered on it

Green is my fav color, so I love this one!

I'm in love with this one, it's absolutely gorgeous!!! I would wear it with a green scarf thought with a white under scarf

All of these garments, with fabulous flow, colors and materials can be found at EastEssence. The prices range from $19.95 and up. Most of the items are in the $20/$30 range. If you order more than $125 you get free shipping. They also have bridal items, menswear, hijab and accessories.

Comment and let us know what you think and how you would make it work for you

Happy Shopping!!!

Nadira & Najwa
Asalaamu alaikum


  1. Cute! I ordered from their once and was pretty pleased! Really not expensive.

  2. Loving the site I have learned so much and I appericate the help and guidance you both provide however if there is any furuther information you wouldnt mind sharing far as learning arabic more on womens studies in islam and just the basic books I would need being a new shadah please email me also on fashion sites thanx

  3. Peace,

    I ordered something from East Essence and it came in the wrong color. Also, only part of the set arrived. And it was very late on top of everything else. I ended up getting a refund which also takes a long time. I like SHUKR clothing. It is a bit more than East Essence, but wroth it.


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