Thursday, October 8, 2009

Global Pink Hijab Day!!!

Pink Hijab Day is intended to shatter stereotypes of Muslim women, as well as raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. All over the world, Muslims participated by wearing pink hijabs, pink ribbons, and donating to breast cancer foundations.

We here at Muslimah 2 Muslimah feel as though this is a great cause and also a great chance for Muslimahs all over the world to unify and support each other. Those of us who may have someone in our lives who has suffered with breast cancer or those of us who just want to support can do so on October 28, 2009.

Pink Hijab Day Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:How did Pink Hijab Day Start?
A. Pink Hijab Day began small, in a high school in Columbia, MO. A group of girls decided to wear pink hijabs one day to encourage others to ask questions about their hijabs and about Islam. After more and more people began participating, the Susan G Komen Foundation was contacted and Pink Hijab Day had its start.

Q:What is the purpose of Pink Hijab Day?
A: 1) To encourage people to ask questions about Hijab, and extinguish stereotypes people may have about hijab
2) To raise awareness and funds for breast cancer foundations across the globe
3) To encourage Muslim women to participate in helping their own communities

Q:Who can participate in Pink Hijab Day?
A: Anyone! Anyone can wear a pink item, whether it's a pink Hijab, a pink ribbon, or pink socks. In 2008, a group of students in Canada dyed kufis and wore pink kufis. Even if you don't wear anything pink, you can donate to any local cancer foundation.

Let's make this day a success by showing oursupport and getting involved. Check out the following websites to lend a hand of support or send a monetary donation:
Muslimahs unite!
Najwa & Nadira

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