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Muslimah2Muslimah New Shahaadah Interview: Tahirah

In Muslimah2Muslimah's experience of reverts to Islam, we think the transitions of one's thoughts, opinions, and behavior, in fact a whole transformation of one's perspective in life is very interesting.

The negative image presented about Islam since 9-11 here in the states has really given Islam a bad name due to the media as well as people's lack of understanding. The stereotypes about the treatment of women has been rampant in the media for many years with the Taliban and other "extremist" groups. We thought it would be interesting to interview Tahirah, who in the midst of all propaganda has warmly embraced Islam and get her Muslimah's Perspective on Islam...

Muslimah2Muslimah: What is your name?


Muslimah2Muslimah: What made you become interested in Islam?

Tahirah: I was a new patient at a local doctor's office. I noticed that the staff were women in Niqab and Hijab! I was in awe. The office was so peaceful, and the staff was completely friendly, warm, welcoming, and professional. I was at a place in my life where I was feeling isolated, depressed, and without hope. I say this sister's to say that, seeing the staff so proudly dressed in their traditional Muslim attire, immediately made me feel less anxiety about my visit. The actual doctor came to get me in full Burqa......she welcomed me and the first thing she said after reviewing my chart was, "how do you feel about Islam?" We spoke awhile, and she told me the most powerful and life changing information about Allah's love for me. Later in my session, she gave me the Shahaadah witnessed by 3 other nurses, and gave me the name Tahirah. My life was changed forever!

Muslimah2Muslimah: What does your family think about your decision?

Tahirah: My family has been very supportive of me, and see the change in my outlook on life. They support me 100%!

Muslimah2Muslimah: What types of reactions have you gotten from your friends or coworkers?

Tahirah: My company allows for me to work from home, so not many coworkers are aware of my conversion. The ones that I have an interpersonal relationship with, however seem to pass judgement slightly. My true friends love, respect, and applaud my decision.

Muslimah2Muslimah: How has Islam changed your life?

Tahirah: In a variety of ways. The initial feeling I had after my Shahaadah was one of purity and of peace. The feeling I feel every day is that of pride, enlightenment, and fulfillment. I know a peace and love that I never have. I see life and all things in it as a blessing from Allah, and the mercy he shows me everyday. How do you explain having a blind fold on for 38 years, and all of a sudden, the sunlight presented to you? "Allah is the Protector of those who have faith: from the depths of darkness He will lead them forth into light. Of those who reject faith the patrons are the Evil Ones: from light they will lead them forth into the depths of darkness. They will be companions of the fire to dwell therein (forever)." (Qur'an: Translation of the meaning, 2:257

Muslimah2Muslimah: What advice would you give to someone who is interested in Islam?

Tahirah: I would tell them any information, notions, or previous ideals they had about Islam, completely remove from your mind. The best thing to do is utilize your local Mosque for classes and study groups offered to new converts. The Internet has great information and websites for new converts or people interested in the faith as well.

Muslimah2Muslimah: Islamically, women are required to wear a hijab. Others say that you must also cover your face(niqab). What are your thoughts on this?

Tahirah: I love Niqab and feel that the element it provides is one of complete empowerment. Similarly love Hijab, and find it odd that people see it as a sign of oppression as opposed to complete freedom, pride, and empowerment. Inshallah, I would like to eventually wear Niqab.

Muslimah2Muslimah: How did you feel the first time you wore hijab?

Tahirah:Beautiful! A makeover that beautified my inner and outer self.

Muslimah2Muslimah: What is your opinion on the common labels associated with Muslims ("terrorists", "extremists" , etc.)?

Tahirah: Whenever one is uneducated in something, and that same source is in a position of conveying information to the masses, things get distorted. It is unfortunate that society has labeled the entire Islamic way of life as "extremists and terrorists." Nothing could be further from the truth.

Muslimah2Muslimah: What is your view on the impression that many non-Muslims have that Islam oppresses the women and the women have no voice in their communities?

Tahirah: I am new to Islam, and am getting exposure daily that Muslim women posses so much strength and resolve. There is this bond and sisterhood amongst Muslimahs that is like no other! Now could an oppressed individual be that powerful?

Muslimah2Muslimah: The media tends to give very negative views on women and many non-Muslims base their views solely on this. What was your view on Islam and the treatment of women before you converted to Islam?

Tahirah: Sadly, I was very misinformed and initially had similar views.

Muslimah2Muslimah: Has your view changed in any way?

Tahirah: I am happy to say that Muslimah 2 Muslimah was my first exposure to any kind of Muslimah values and culture directly after my Shahaadah, and I learned first and foremost how prideful and empowered Muslim women feel and are!

Muslimah2Muslimah: How have has Muslimah2Muslimah helped you along your journey to Islam?/ How have you benefited from Muslimah2Muslimah?

Tahirah: Where do I begin? :o) I learned how to properly wear Hijab, new information for newly converted Muslimahs, adorable modern Muslim fashion tips and style, values of the Muslim woman, and Muslim terms. Mashallah, I will continue to learn and embrace my new faith! Al Hamdu Lilah Wa Shukru Lillah

~Insha'allah, everyone... please pray for our new sister Tahirah and welcome her into Islam by leaving her your encouragement and wisdom, insha'allah! We are very pleased with her decision as we know she is as well. Tahirah, may Allah bless you and your family in all of your endeavors and may He grant you Jannatul Firdaus! Ameen!

Asalaamu alaikum
Nadira & Najwa


  1. As Salaamu Alaikum,

    Great interview. May Allah Bless you Tahirah. I'm always fascinated to hear about each individuals moment of epiphany when they discover Islam. I'm happy that you have reached such a peaceful play. Insha'allah we all will someday.


  2. I am estatic to find a site like this one! where i can get insight on other muslim women's life experiences.I am about to take my shahaadah and was skeptical about wearing hijab...insha'allah i found this site and i feel more confident and comfotable.


  3. hey...
    I am catholic by name... and muslim by heart...
    i have not converted yet, but it is what i want the most. this type of notes,or interviews, just rises up my love for islam... InshaAllah i will be converting soon.
    Girls keep it up. i looove your videos in youtube and this website too :D

    Have a good day


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