Sunday, July 26, 2009

Muslimah2Muslimah Book of the Month: My Advice to the Women

Masha' Allah this book is an excellent read filled with plenty of advice and daleel(proof) to back it up. This book is written by a woman, Shaykhah Umm 'Abbdillaah al-Waadi"iyyah, so it's advice coming from a sister's perspective which is always helpful. In this book you will find information about traveling, backbiting, rights, maintaining family relations with non-Muslims and plenty more!!!! The last part of the book has Q & A as well as a glossary of many common terms.

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My Advice to the Women
"Who will be those who cultivate the women, for indeed, that is the secret behind the failures in the east? The mother is a school; who if properly prepared can produce an entire generation upon a sound foundation.
The mother is like a beautiful garden; who when properly preserved with shyness my produce many flowers.
The mother is the teacher of teachers, whose many important actions could fill the horizon"

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***It is a very popular book and often out of stock but insha' Allah because it is so popular you may know a sister who has a copy

Happy Reading!!!!!!
Nadira & Najwa


  1. salam alaekum sisters i really love all what you doing for Allahs sake .may ALLAH reward you abundantly. but i have a question for you .do you sisters shapen your eyebrows . it looks like you shaped it. if so pls tell us where in the quran or where the hadith said its not forbidden . cause i'm a bit confused.MA SALAM . THANK YOU SOOO MUCH..

  2. Salaam,

    We are happy that you enjoy what we are doing, alhumdulilah. As far as the eyebrow thing we like any other humans on earth have flaws... In the past, yes... we have shaped our brows. We even have an article on this site about it. We are always growing and learning and striving for Jannah.

    The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Allah has cursed women who tattoo their bodies, wear false hair, those who pluck their eyebrows, and those who artificially widen gaps between their teeth.” - Muslim

    Your Sisters In Islam,
    Najwa & Nadira

  3. the daughter of shaykh Muqbil? Beware of salafi indoctrination.

  4. Subanaallah!! This is the FIRST book i reccomend to ANY woman any time they ask me!! glad u guys did a post, im gona post it on mine too inshaallah :D

    The dynamic hamza... you sould read a little more, the term "salafi" is incorrect, and the people who follow the SALAF are SUPPOSED to be following the sunnah of the prophet how he and his compainions (tabi'een tabi tabi'een and the tabi tabi tabi'een) followed it. So you should beware of the actions fo your tounge and realize that the people who claim the salaf may not give the best example of it, but the salaf remains the same, Ahla sunnah wal jamah! :D


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