Thursday, June 11, 2009

Muslimah2Muslimah T-Shirts Coming Soon!!!

Insha' Allah new t-shirts coming soon! We will be giving away gift bags with t-shirts and other goodies(pens, key chains, henna, etc.) randomly to our Blog spot followers and YouTube subscribers. After our first giveaway shirts will be available for sale. Make sure you follow and subscribe to both to increase your chances of getting something for FREE! Let us know what you think. Insha' Allah you like them!!!!!

You can put different color long sleeve shirts under these i.e. pink, white, black or gray

Asalaamu Alaikum
Nadira & Najwa


  1. As salaamu alaikum sisters, I've just recently come across your blog it's great!!!!, Alhamdulliah you sisters are doing big things Iam really glad Allah(SWT) has allowed me to find your blog. I also have 2 blogs I invite you sisters to visit me at
    if you have any , tips, or comments I would looooove to hear from you , Insha Allah. AS SALAAMU ALAIKUM( SMILE)

  2. OHHH they look so prettyyyyy!!! You guys are very innovative! Mashallah =)

  3. ASA Great Job!!!! Love the shirt and pen (I'm a pen fanatic!!!) You should make a note pad too!!!!

  4. Salaamz girlzzz love ur blog and lovee the pens and shirts,come sell them in Australia =( i want oneeee hehehehe take care fr0m ur sis in aussss salaamz

  5. Everything looks soo nice masha'allah!

  6. Asalaamu alaikum

    I just found your website from your YouTube videos, I love what you ladies are doing! Jazakallah khairun sisters Nadira & Najwa.

    I would love to support you guys, how do we purchase one of these shirts??


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