Monday, May 11, 2009

On the Hunt for the Perfect Summer Hijabi Swimsuit!?!?!?

Okay, so we are STILL on our hunt for the perfect swimwear that is available out here! It's springtime, darnit and Muslimah2Muslimah wants to take a dive in the ocean! these start at
£50.00 and up... this is British pounds... We are kinda digging the blue one but we think it is a little too form-fitting. The pink one looks way too hot but at least it covers more. We are still searching for the perfect summer swimsuit but in the meantime, we are keeping it simple with a simple yet nice beach outfit that we put together:

Click on the picture for pricing and store locations. Hope you all like it and let us know what you think about our swimsuits and beach ideas!
Happy Springtime!
Najwa & Nadira


  1. Asalamu Alaikum sisters!

    Did you guys check out ?
    They have really nice swimsuits!

    Except the price tag is on the expensive side.. which is why I haven't bought one yet lol

    Good luck on your search sisters!
    It'll benefit a lot of us :D

  2. At the moment I'm designing a swim set for myself based on the Viking 8-gore long sleeve Cotehardie dress coupled with salwar kameez-style pants. I think that the dress is great because it has a full skirt (but not like a hoop skirt LOL!) that helps keep it away from the body and draws the eye to the skirt rather then the bosom. I think I'll have it go to mid-calf...

    I'm going to post pics on my blog of my drawings later. Then I'll send my idea to a seamstress that has made Cothehardies in velvet for me in the past. (awsome dresses!!) I'm going to ask her if she can make this swim set out of "swimsuit material"??

    For a woman that actually does a lot of swimming (unlike me. I just wade) maybe a swim set made along the lines of a salwar kameez? It has less of a full skirt. Maybe snaps could be added so that the woman could fasten the dress to the pants in some way so that it doesn't ride up while she's under water and drown her??

  3. I'm not crazy about swimming since I watched the PBS special about water system, and finding out where sewer water ultimately ends up... so yeah... not gonna happen! I have a swimming pool in my building, but there are too many really old grandpa's in their speedos so not gonna go there either :(

  4. I'm a non-muslim. My husband is muslim, that's why I'm always on muslim websites. He would love for me to convert, but I don't think it will happen, for many reasons. Anyways, I look at this swimwear and I think, "What's the point of even going to the beach or swimming if you have to wear something like that?" It's not like people get raped on the beach! There are plenty of options to be more modest on the beach, like wearing shorts and a t-shirt over your swimsuit. I know this may not be modest by muslim standards, but trust me, no men will be staring at you being dressed like that. When the thought of converting pops in my head, I think about how I won't be able to swim, feel the wind through my hair, or the warmth and breeze against my skin and it makes me sad. I'm not saying I want to dress in tight low cut shirts or miniskirts, but I don't see the problem in dressing appropriately for the weather/what you are doing, like a regualr short-sleeved shirt or a swimsuit. Why punish women because of what a man may or may not think or do? Is this really what God wants for us women? Not to sound conceited, but I think I'm pretty, and I wear "regular" clothes, nothing too sexy or anything and I never get bothered by men. I've read the Qur'an and I think it gets wrongly interpreted and people do not realize the context under which it was written. I don't think God ever intended for women to be impractically covered like this. And just to make it clear, I have nothing AGAINST Islam, I just wanted to add in my thoughts.

  5. Asalamu Aalikum ladies,
    I picked up my swimsuite from This is the only vendor that has reasonable I love the colors and the fact that it dry's quickly.
    check it out.
    ma salaama
    Umm Amirah


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