Monday, May 18, 2009

How Cute Is This???

We were browsing through our twitter followers (are they called tweeps, twitterers or something??) and we came across a company called Just Muslim. This company has mostly t-shirts for men but then we noticed a women's section...... and then saw some cute stuff... like this hoodie that has "Muslimah" on the back. And the "Muslimah" t-shirt...

***We wouldn't recommend this t-shirt look for anyplace besides women's events or around the house but it is a cute idea.***

Pricing on these items:
T-shirt: $16.62 US and 10.00 GB Pound
Hoodie: $24.93 US and 15.00 GB Pound

Happy Shopping!
Najwa & Nadira

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  1. As Salaam Alaikum! I'm loving the website. I wanted to mention that the photo (and design) on the right has been been lifted from another sister. The name of her company is Muslamb Papergoods and Design. Just Muslim has been contacted, but they steal have her images/design posted. The etsy page is She is local and offers other products as well. Just an FYI on the company you've featured.



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