Sunday, April 19, 2009

What Do You Think of This Picture!!!

What is your opinion of this picture? Keep in mind that in this picture, there is a skull with the Israel flag painted on it. Surrounding that is the flags of many of the western countries, (USA, Australia, Britain, France, Switzerland)... And then there is a sword with Allah (swt) and Rasul (saw) and then Muhammad(saw) written in Arabic... We just wanted your opinions on this, Insha'Allah...

Najwa & Nadira


  1. I absolutely love it. If only all Mulsims understood what this meant!!

  2. Really? We really weren't sure if this was positive or not... Maybe leaning towards the negative. What do you think it means?

  3. You are right sister and let me clarify my previous comment Insha Allah. From and educated and muslim point of view, we understand that the sword means that Islam will free the world from the tyranny, injustice, and oppression from the "governments" of the places with the shown flags. The sword in this picture represent the "physical" Jihad in which is necessary at time to resist the oppressors as we know. The negative though is that the ignorant mind and a person who does not understand what is truly happening may take this as though Islam is saying death to all of the above nations and everyone in it. Someone who doesn't understand what these countries are about and what Islam is all about, well I can definitely see how it would be taken negatively. I could go on but I think that should sum it up Insha Allah.

  4. without really commenting on the photo directly I just wanted to comment that in the description you mentioned there is a "skull with the Star of David (Jewish symbol)", when actually it is a skull with the flag of Israel - there is a big difference between it being the symbol of a religion and an the symbol of an occupying state

  5. I agree with Erin. First the Distinction must be made that it is a Israel Flag, not the Star of David.

    And I think that honestly, it cant really be seen in a positive light, not sure who created this, but I dont think they knew what they were doing. I honestly dont think this was created by a Muslim. Can you give a link to who created this please?

  6. First I thoughtit looked nice. Then I realizedit was a cross. Then the skull, what kind of emotions is this picture suppose to invoke. I simply find it strange

  7. Salam Sis,

    I took this picture for my personal collection.

    What an inspiring picture. Syukran.

    May Allah bless you.

  8. To me this has nothing to do with Islam. The ssword reads G-d's name. And as well all know G-d is not a figure exclusive to Islam. Even Jewish Arabs refer to G-D as Allah (swt). I think if anything this picture was designed to create controversy, as it's not really producing a specific message.The only thing I get is that with or without allies from other nations (Australia, America, etc.) Israel will be destroyed, and it will be by Allah (swt).

  9. My first thought is to wonder where this picture came from?

    Who would create such a picture, and why? There is no evidence in the picture that a Muslim created this picture so my concern is that people who have nothing to do with Islam could have created this image to increase ill-will towards Muslims and Islam. There is a common (misguided) conception that I hear time and again that Islam was "spread by the sword" and so this image very much plays upon that stereotype.

    What does the image signify? The success of Islam over Israel, the US, the UK, etc? How can this image possibly be seen in anything other than a negative light? It implies that Islam is only able to continue on earth by using deadly force against those who would oppress it.

    It surely is a controversial image and one which I as a Muslim refuse to take any inspiration from.

  10. i dont agree with this kind of pictures being spread.
    no matter what the message may be with this picture.
    and yes iam a muslimah.
    salam aleikum warahmat allah wabarakato

  11. I am very confused about this photo. I live in the US so it kinda makes me nervous like don't these people understand that there are Muslims all over the world. I just really don't undertand extremist sometimes. You can't say something about a certain country when you don't know if other Muslims live there because that is dangerous for them and for the other Muslims.


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